Frequently Asked Questions

How permanent is permanent?

Your bracelet will be welded on for a clasp-free bracelet and meant to be worn all the time, hence the "permanent". However it is fine jewelry and it can snap like a bracelet with a clasp if caught or pulled. In most cases, we can repair it for you if you still  have your chain. If it's the first instance we will repair for free, after that we charge $10.  

How can I get a permanent bracelet? 

We see  our clients through our traveling pop-up shops, private parties, and by appointment. Follow us on instagram or facebook to see where we pop up. Interested in hosting your own private event? Gather at least 5 friends who want a welded bracelet and  we will come to you. The host gets a free bracelet! If you are a retailer, we give all your employees 10% off as well.

Can I go through airport security? What about an MRI?

Since gold is a precious metal, TSA does not make you remove it.
Gold is not magnetic so it does not affect an MRI. However, your medical provider may still ask you to remove it, if that happens, just cut it at the connecting piece and save your chain in a safe place. Call us and we can re-weld it.

What happens if it breaks or I need to remove it?

The dainty gold chains, when taken care of should last a long time, but gold is soft metal so it is possible that it can break or stretch. Just call us and we can determine if it is repairable. If you do need to remove it, cut it on the connecting piece and save the chain in a safe place. If you ever want to wear it again, give us a call. The first instance is free. After that we charge $10 to re-weld.